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CEB - Centre of Biological Engineering
University of Minho · School of Engineering
Universidade do Minho - Escola de Engenharia

Welcome to the website of the Centre of Biological Engineering
of the University of Minho

Alcoholic coffee in the TIME' The Best Inventions of the Year

"Alcoholic Coffee" was selected as one of the 25 best inventions of the year by TIME magazine.

This invention is also covered by "VISÃO" magazine.

(Solange Mussatto and Armando Sampaio in the cover of VISÃO - 21-11-2013)

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New spinoff / startup companies at CEB.
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Fermentum elected as the agroindustrial start-up of the year

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Recent publications

»» Cre-loxP-based system for removal and reuse of selection markers in Ashbya gossypii targeted engineering.

»» Industrial robust yeast isolates with great potential for fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass.

»» The fate of deoxynivalenol and ochratoxin A during the breadmaking process, effects of sourdough use and bran content.

»» Antibacterial potential of northeastern Portugal wild plant extracts and respective phenolic compounds.

»» Sulfate reduction at low pH to remediate acid mine drainage.

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