Patrícia Ferreira

Collaborator (PhD)


  • 2016: PhD Program on Chemical and Biological Engineering, Universidade do Minho
  • Since 2019: Development of innovative sustainable protein and omega-3 rich feedstuffs for aquafeeds, from local agro-industrial by-products
  • 2016 - 2019: to be defined
  • 2016 - 2016: Bachberry
  • 2011 - 2016: Biotechnological approaches of crude glycerol use: optimization of citric acid production by Y. lipolytica

Past Students

Recent Publications

Identification and microbial production of the raspberry phenol salidroside that is active against Huntington's disease
  • Plant Physiology, 179(3), 969-985, 2019
Modulation of the central carbon metabolism of Corynebacterium glutamicum improves malonyl-CoA availability and increases plant polyphenol synthesis
  • Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 116(6), 1380-1391, 2019
Heterologous production of resveratrol in bacterial hosts: current status and perspectives
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BacHBerry: BACterial Hosts for production of Bioactive phenolics from bERRY fruits
  • Phytochemistry Reviews, 17(2), 291-326, 2018
An adsorptive bioprocess for production and recovery of resveratrol with Corynebacterium glutamicum
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Impact of the cultivation strategy on resveratrol production from glucose in engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum
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Use of different bioreactor types for citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica
  • Journal of Biotechnology, 256, Supplement, S20, 2017
Oxygen transfer rate and pH as major operating parameters of citric acid production from glycerol by Yarrowia lipolytica W29 and CBS 2073
  • Chemical Papers, 70(7), 869-876, 2016
Oxygen mass transfer impact on citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica from crude glycerol
  • Biochemical Engineering Journal, 110, 35-42, 2016
Citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica from crude glycerol: Influence of oxygen mass transfer rate (OTR)
  • Journal of Biotechnology, 208(Supplement), S48, 2015
  • Ferreira, Patrícia; Cardoso, T.; Ferreira, Filipa; Fernandes-Ferreira, M.; Piper, P.; Sousa, M.J.
Mentha piperita essential oil induces apoptosis in yeast associated with both cytosolic and mitochondrial ROS-mediated damage
  • FEMS Yeast Research, 14(7), 1006-1014, 2014
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