Summer on Campus 2018 - Biotechnology and Bioengineering

SunCEB Party 2018

  • Start Date: July 20, 2018

  • Local: Quinta do Lago, Parada de Bouro

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Ciência Viva at Laboratory 2018 @ CEB-UMinho

  • Start Date: June 24, 2018

  • End Date: June 29, 2018

  • Local: Universidade do Minho, Campus de Gualtar, Centro de Engenharia Biológica - Edifício 5, Laboratório de Microbiologia Ambiental

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EXPOBIOTEC 2018 - Biotech Expo

UMinho Open Weekend 2018

  • Start Date: April 19, 2018

  • End Date: April 21, 2018

  • Local: Campus de Gualtar, Braga

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1st Workshop - Nucleus of Research and Development in Dermocosmetics

  • Start Date: April 18, 2018

  • Local: Campus de Azurém (Auditório 0.02 da Escola de Engenharia II, Azurém)

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Proteome 2 Gene 2 Protein 2 (Course)

Bioinformatics Open Days 2018

REDVALUE Project Seminar


  • Start Date: December 14, 2017

  • Local: Restaurante Panorâmico, Universidade do Minho - Campus de Gualtar - Braga

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XX Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

CEB Talk - Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology @ Braga

Science & Technology Week 2017 @ CEB

Symposium Novel Anaerobes

New Challenges for the Agrifood Sector

CIÊNCIA VIVA no Laboratório @ CEB

  • Start Date: July 24, 2017

  • End Date: July 28, 2017

  • Local: Campus de Gualtar, Building 7 (Floor 3, meeting room)

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Verão no Campus 2017 - Biotecnologia e Bioengenharia Industrial

SunCEB Party 2017

ICFC2017 - 2nd International Conference on Food Contaminants

CEB Scientific Annual Meeting 2017

Meeting of the External Advisory Committee

  • Start Date: July 05, 2017

  • End Date: July 06, 2017

  • Local: Campus de Gualtar, Braga

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3rd International hands-on PHAGE BIOTECHNOLOGY course

Concurso de fotografia: “O CEB em imagem 2017”

Advanced Course - Plants in a changing environment: a molecular approach

EXPOBIOTEC 2017 - Biotech Expo

Confocal Microscopy Short Course

  • Start Date: May 22, 2017

  • End Date: May 23, 2017

  • Local: CEB, Building 7 (AEB) and 5 (EB3) Image and Microscopy Platform, University of Minho, Braga | Portugal

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Course on "Biological data analysis with R"

UMinho Open Weekend 2017

  • Start Date: March 24, 2017

  • End Date: March 25, 2017

  • Local: Campus de Gualtar, Braga

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Bioinformatics Open Days 2017

Proteome 2 Gene 2 Protein (Course)

CEB apoia e participa nas Jornadas de Ciência de Arouca

  • Start Date: December 16, 2016

  • End Date: December 17, 2016

  • Local: Arouca

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  • Start Date: December 15, 2016

  • Local: Hotel Quinta do Pico, Freguesia do Pico – Vila Verde

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XIX Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Science & Technology Week @ CEB

Ciência e Tecnologia na Maior: O Fascínio da Era Pós-Genómica

Seminars by Prof Alain Vande Wouwer (University of Mons, Belgium)

  • Start Date: November 03, 2016

  • End Date: November 04, 2016

  • Local: Gualtar

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Almoço Comemorativo dos 30 anos de Engenharia Biológica

Safety Week @ CEB

Biotech Week 2016: European Biotech week in Portugal

Curso de Engenharia Biológica da UMinho comemora 30 anos

SunCEB Party

Verão no Campus 2016 - Biotecnologia e Bioengenharia Industrial

Biofilm transcriptomics: Quantifying gene expression from pathogenic bacterial biofilms

2016 MIT Portugal Annual Conference

Workshop on Sustainable Biofuels

Innovation Day (MIT Portugal)


Good laboratory practices

  • Start Date: June 22, 2016

  • Local: Campus de Gualtar

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International Course: Polyphasic identification of microorganisms, including the modern techniques of mass spectrometry

Train students and professionals from different fields of Natural Sciences in the identification of microorganisms using classical phenotypic tools (morphology) and modern (proteomic and metabolomic), validated through genomic analysis of microbiological resources.

  • Start Date: March 28, 2016

  • End Date: March 31, 2016

  • Local: Temuco, Chile

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International Symposium on Preservation of Biological Resources: Impact & Development on the Bioeconomy

Updated presentation on the latest developments in the preservation of biological resources with impact on biotechnology and bioeconomy.

  • Start Date: March 18, 2016

  • Local: Recife, Brazil

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Bioinformatics Open Days 2016

Inauguration ceremony for the new CEB Director

  • Start Date: January 26, 2016

  • Local: Gualtar

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Christmas Trees 2015

International Advanced Course - Polyphasic identification of microorganisms, including MALDI-TOF MS and LC-MS/MS techniques

  • Start Date: December 01, 2015

  • Local: La Serena, Chile

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CEB Talk 2015

XVIII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2015 no CEB

3rd International Conference WASTES: Solutions, Treatments, Opportunities

Verão no Campus 2015 - Biotecnologia e Bioengenharia Industrial

2nd International HANDS-ON Phage Biotechnology course

Metabolic Pathways Analysis 2015

9th International Conference on Practical Applications of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics (PACBB '2015)

Bioremediation of oil-contaminated environments

Multilateral Cooperation Between Portugal-Brazil-Chile: One day about mycology

Bioinformatics Open Days 2015

Biofilm transcriptomics: Quantifying gene expression from pathogenic bacterial biofilms

International Summer Course 2015 - Advances in Food Mycology: From the Fork to the Farm

International Workshop "Nanotechnology applied to Environmental Geotechnics"

Cycle of Seminars in Omic Techniques for Biotechnology and Bioengineering

XVII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Semana da Ciência e Tecnologia 2014 no CEB

1st Congress on Food Structure Design

Tribute to Prof. Rosário Oliveira

2nd Training School of BacFoodNet (COST Action FA1202)

  • Start Date: September 15, 2014

  • End Date: September 20, 2014

  • Local: Braga

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4th International Practical Course on Biofilm Science

8th International Conference on Polymer and Fiber Biotechnology

Workshop Inovação e Segurança Alimentar

Biotecnologia e Bioengenharia: Tecnologias de largo espectro para a especialização inteligente e transferência de valor para a economia

Bioinformatics Open Days 2014

XVI Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

  • Start Date: November 27, 2013

  • End Date: November 29, 2013

  • Local: Univ. do Minho, Braga

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Workshop Biofilm transcriptomics - Quantifying gene expression from pathogenic bacterial biofilms

WASTES 2013 - 2nd International Conference

1st International hands-on Phage Biotechnology course

AD 2013 - 13th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion

Molecular Biology Tools

1st International Symposium on Bacterial Cellulose

Advanced Course: Laboratory Diagnostics in Medical Mycology

XV Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Course on Parameter estimation in biological models

By Alain Vande Wouwer, Control Department - University of Mons, Belgium

ECCO XXXI Meeting: Biological resource Centres - Closing the gap between science and society

Global Biological Resource Centres Network Meeting

A ISO 9001:2008 e a sua Aplicação às Coleções de Culturas

MicroBiotec '11

XIV Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Workshop Systems and Synthetic Biology

Curso de Engenharia Biológica da UMinho comemora 25 anos

GLS10 - 10th Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering Congress

XIII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

2nd Meeting of the Institute for Biotechnology and Bioengineering


XII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica + ExpoBiotec 2009

MALDI-TOF ICMS for Microbial Characterisation and Identification Workshop

XI Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica + ExpoBiotec 2008

CHEMPOR 2008 - 10th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference

Workshop on Medical Devices (MIT-Portugal Program)

Biogás: Oportunidades e Desafios para Portugal

Semana IAPMEI da Biotecnologia

X Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica + ExpoBiotec 2007

Workshop on Medical Devices and Biomaterials (MIT-Portugal Program)

Curso de Engenharia Biológica da UMinho comemora 20 anos

IX Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica + ExpoBiotec 2006

VIII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica + ExpoBiotec 2005

One day meeting - Trends in Mycology

VII Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Pan-European Workshop: How to Study and Control Fungal Contamination in Bottled Water

ESCAPE-14: European Symposium on Computer Aided Process Engineering

ECCO XXII - Annual Meeting of the European Culture Collections Organization: Biological Resource Centres and the Use of Microbes

VI Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

One day meeting - Ecologia dos Fungos

V Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

IV Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Curso Avançado - Fungos Contaminantes na Indústria Alimentar

4ª edição: 15 a 19 de Janeiro, 2001
3ª edição: 13 a 17 de Dezembro, 1999
2ª edição: 14 a 18 de Dezembro, 1998
1ª edição: 15 a 19 de Dezembro, 1997

III Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

II Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Jornadas Universitas - Viticultura e Enologia

ESBES 2 - 2nd European Symposium on Biochemical Engineering Science

BIOTEC 98 - IV Iberian Congress on Biotechnology, I Ibero-American Meeting on Biotechnology

SOCRATES intensive programme “Biofilm Engineering in Environmental Technology”

I Jornadas de Engenharia Biológica

Jornadas sobre Tratamento de Efluentes Vinícolas

V Congresso Nacional de Biotecnologia

CHEMPOR'78 : International Chemical Engineering Conference

  • Start Date: September 10, 1978

  • End Date: September 16, 1978

  • Local: Braga

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