CEB Scientific Annual Meeting 2017

One-day meeting with oral research highlights and poster presentations. The programme is now available.

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The CEB Scientific Annual Meeting 2017 will take place in July 6th, at Campus de Gualtar of University of Minho. It is an annual event in which CEB researchers gather together to present and discuss their latest projects, scientific results, and explore novel ideas.
The one-day programme will include oral and poster presentations. Details on the programme are shown below. 

Book of Abstracts

The Book of Abstracts is now available at RepositóriUM.

Presentation Rules

Presentations at the meeting should be in English.
Oral presentations - The time assigned for each oral communication is 15 minutes. It is recommended to keep the presentation time in a maximum of 10 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for discussion. If you consume the 15 minutes in your presentation you will not be allowed to take the questions from the audience.
Posters - Poster orientation should be portrait with A0 size (118.9 cm by 84.1 cm). A mandatory template is made available in CEB intranet/NAS.

Detailed Programme

09:00 Opening session


09:15 Eugénio Campos Ferreira – CEB Facts and Figures


Industrial and Food Biotechnology and Bioengineering – Research Highlights

Chair: José A. Teixeira


Ana Cristina Pinheiro

Unravelling the behavior of nanostructures during digestion and absorption


Ricardo Pereira

Greener technologies in by-products and wastes processing - the case of electric fields in extraction and proteins functional modification


Carla Oliveira

Genetic engineering approaches for enhanced lignocellulosic-based bioprocesses


Tatiana Aguiar

Contributes for the development of Ashbya gossypii as a cell factory


Armando Venâncio

Mycotoxins in Food and Mitigation of its effects


Isabel Belo

Bioprocesses development based on wastes up-grading by fermentation technology, submerged and solid-state, for added-value compounds production


Lígia Rodrigues

Synthetic biology: Heterologous production of bioactive agents


Isabel Rocha

In silico metabolic engineering – from research to market (SilicoLife)

11:45     Coffee-break / Poster Session


13:00     Lunch


Environmental Biotechnology and Bioengineering – Research Highlights

Chair: Madalena Alves


Ana Júlia Cavaleiro

Facts and challenges on hydrocarbons bioremediation


Andreia Salvador

Acceleration of methane production by Carbon Nanotubes


Joana Alves

Perspectives on syngas fermentation


Daniela Mesquita

Quantitative Image Analysis: a monitoring tool in wastewater treatment


Teresa Tavares

Rehabilitation of Contaminated Natural Systems – Advanced Bioremediation towards Sustainability


Nelson Lima

Bioprospecting fungi for biodegradation of textile dyes


16:00     Coffee-Break


Health Biotechnology and Bioengineering – Research Highlights

Chair: Joana Azeredo


Eugénia Nogueira

Liposomal formulations of rheumatoid arthritis


Carla Silva

Bioproduction of Polyesters


Paula Jorge

The in vitro and the in silico power couple: facilitating the discovery of novel anti–infective strategies based on antimicrobial peptides and quorum sensing inhibitors


Isabel Pereira

Dextrin-based hydrogel for the development of injectable bone substitute


Sónia Silva

Application of antisense oligomers based approaches to control candidiasis


Hugo Oliveira

Bacteriophage-derived enzymes: from exploration to exploitation


Fernando Dourado

Bacterial cellulose – from lab to market, spin-off


18:30     Closing session