CIÊNCIA VIVA no Laboratório @ CEB

The CEB joins to the event "Ciência viva no laboratório 2017" providing traineeships for students under the theme: "Investigating the antibiotic resistance mechanisms of bacteria".

The increasing resistance and multidrug resistance (resistance to more than one class of antibiotics) exhibited by bacteria to antibiotics is a concern of clinical community regarding public health.  Currently, doctors are without effective solutions for the treatment of various diseases and infections caused by resistant bacteria, which has led to a progressive increase in the mortality rate. This problem is due to the undue and excessive use of antibiotics, which led bacteria to develop mechanisms of resistance.
One of our research lines is the study of resistance mechanisms used by bacteria to defend themselves of the antibiotics in the context of diverse illnesses and infections. The discovery of these mechanisms is extremely important as it will allow the development of new antibiotics that are able to block these mechanisms, making bacteria sensitive and easy to eradicate.

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