Proteome 2 Gene 2 Protein 2 (Course)


CEB (Centre of Biological Engineering University of Minho) is pleased to announce the “Proteome 2 Gene 2 Protein 2” Course that will take place at Campus de Gualtar, Braga, from the 26th to the 29th March 2018. This course aims at providing information on proteomic methodologies and the first skills in the techniques of two dimensional gel electrophoresis, protein identification by mass spectrometry, and recombinant protein production and purification.

Who should Attend


Graduate, master and PhD students as well as researchers who are starting in the genomic and proteomic fields.





Carla Oliveira


Ivone Martins


Sílvio B Santos


Sónia Silva


Tatiana Aguiar





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Lecture 1 - Bruno Almeida - ICSV-EM-UM

2D electrophoresis


Lecture 2 - Clara Sousa - LAQV/REQUIMTE-FF-UP

MALDI-TOF MS principles and applications

Lecture 3 - Hugo Osório - IPATIMUP/I3S

Applied Protein Mass Spec


Lecture 4 - Lucília Domingues - CEB/UM

Recombinant Protein Production and Purification: development of new methodologies and biomedical applications

P1 - Sónia Silva / Ana Margarida Sousa

2D electrophoresis

P2 - Ana Margarida Sousa / Sónia Silva

2D gel analysis

P3 - Carla Silva

Mass spectrometry approaches

P4 - Sílvio B Santos

Protein to gene: Bioinformatic analysis 

P5 - Sílvio B Santos / Ivone Martins

Gene cloning

P6 - Carla Oliveira / Tatiana Aguiar

Recombinant Protein Production

P7 - Carla Oliveira / Tatiana Aguiar

Protein purification



The course will only be held with a minimum of 10 participants and limited to 20 participants.

Poster presentations are encouraged



















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