02-01-2019: Margarida Fernandes at "90 segundos de Ciência"

21-12-2018: A spinoff company from CEB leads a 8 MEuros project to leverage EU synthetic biology

19-12-2018: CEB goes beyond the milestone of 7000 publications registered at RepositóriUM

28-11-2018: CEB is proud to house 3 highly cited researchers

22-11-2018: Partnership in the "Cientificamente Provável" Program

09-11-2018: Ana Oliveira at "90 segundos de Ciência"

07-11-2018: Joana Azeredo & Hugo Oliveira @ "Back to the Lysin Meeting" (Rockefeller University)

10-09-2018: José Teixeira at "90 segundos de Ciência"

30-07-2018: Novel species of Penicillium discovered from orchard apples

04-05-2018: Special Issue “Bionanocomposite Packaging: Towards the Improvement of Food Safety"

26-04-2018: CEB will host the headquarters of the pan-European Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure - MIRRI

22-04-2018: Nelson Lima in Palestine

21-03-2018: Margarida Fernandes wins Medal of Honor L'Oréal Portugal

08-03-2018: FoodValorization Contest

24-11-2017: Research at CEB has already 'produced' 15 spin-off companies

20-11-2017: CEB goes beyond the milestone of 6000 publications registered at RepositóriUM

06-11-2017: Joana Azeredo at "90 Segundos de Ciência": viruses to develop drugs

18-10-2017: CEB repeats program of ativities to integrate new students

16-10-2017: GeLife wins "Food & Nutrition Awards 2017"

12-10-2017: Press release on BIOTECNORTE project

24-07-2017: Anália Lourenço publishes in Chemical Reviews (IF 50.95)

22-07-2017: Anabela Martins is a new executive board member of the World Federation of Culture Collections

06-07-2017: Visit of the External Advisory Committee

13-06-2017: Miguel Gama at "90 segundos de Ciência"

26-05-2017: Interview by Eugenio Ferreira to Ingenium magazine

16-03-2017: President of CCDRN visits CEB

08-03-2017: RItrain - a CEB project training European scientists to manage people and organisations

24-01-2017: NOS: Interview to Manuel Santos

04-11-2016: Nelson Lima re-elected as European Culture Collections' Organisation President

28-09-2016: Prize awarded to Prof Artur Cavaco Paulo in China

27-09-2016: CEB launches a program to integrate new students

08-09-2016: CEB Solidarity Action

06-09-2016: The 50th WDCM Anniversary

26-06-2016: Biofilms7 international meeting awards prizes to CEB researchers

01-06-2016: IMA Fungus reviews the special issue of Phytochemistry dedicated to Ganoderma edited by R. Russell M. Paterson

15-05-2016: New scholarships under the Doctoral Program on Bioengineering (MIT Portugal)

28-04-2016: The article “From the frying pan into the clinic” has a contribution from Russell Paterson

03-04-2016: Fórmula d’Avó, Lda. awarded with the 1st Prize in the Category of New Projects of the National Agricultural Prize 2015

01-04-2016: Decease of Leonardus Kluskens

24-03-2016: Novel Horizon 2020 research project for Rheumatoid Arthritis

18-03-2016: Nelson Lima awarded with the title of Professor Honoris Causa at UF Pernambuco, Brazil

29-01-2016: "Carbon Material" project highlighted in the Media

12-12-2015: Helder Lopes distinguished by American Society for Microbiology at MicroBiotec 2015

12-12-2015: Best Poster Presentation Prize to Thalita Calado at MicroBiotec 2015

04-12-2015: CEB goes beyond the milestone of 5000 publications registered at RepositóriUM

28-10-2015: SISBI: a knowledge hub for industrial biotechnology

22-10-2015: MIRRI - Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure

10-09-2015: NUTRICAP Project wins Food & Nutrition Awards 2015

09-06-2015: Multinational Cooperation Workshop in Natural Resources Field: Chile – Brazil – Portugal

15-04-2015: Bioremediation of oil-contaminated environments: Call for abstracts for posters

27-01-2015: CEB goes beyond the milestone of 4000 publications registered at RepositóriUM

05-01-2015: Doctoral Programmes (PhD) Application

22-12-2014: CEB awarded by FCT with EXCELLENT in the 2013 Evaluation of R&D Units

22-10-2014: Ana Júlia Cavaleiro awarded by NASA

21-10-2014: Hottest Article in Chemical Engineering (WILEY)

16-10-2014: Anabela Martins from MUM-UMinho joins the ISO/TC 276 Biotechnology committee

07-10-2014: The Federal University of Pernambuco pays tribute to the Director of Micoteca UMinho

01-10-2014: Best poster award in the 3rd International Conference on Responsible Use of Antibiotics in Animals

26-09-2014: LIBRO – Laboratório de Investigação em Biofilmes Rosário Oliveira

26-08-2014: UMinho is producing electricity from human urine

10-07-2014: Miguel Cerqueira awarded by IUFoST as an Outstanding Young Scientist

16-05-2014: MoU signature in China (WDCM, IMCAS & UMinho)

13-01-2014: CEB goes beyond the milestone of 3000 publications registered at RepositóriUM

19-12-2013: Fermentum elected as the agroindustrial start-up of the year

06-12-2013: Best poster award at MicroBiotec'13 - Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology

28-11-2013: Cláudia Botelho: European Award in Biomaterials

21-11-2013: Investigadores da UMinho trabalham gel para tratamento rápido de feridas crónicas

21-11-2013: Alcoholic Coffee in the TIME's The Best Inventions of the Year

15-11-2013: Dois cientistas da Universidade do Minho criaram uma empresa que se dedica à investigação e produção de cerveja artesanal

26-10-2013: NASA awarded Angela Abreu with Best Oral Presentation at the International Workshop on Environment and Alternative Energy

23-10-2013: BioNutriCoat projet distinguished at Nutrition Awards 2013

18-09-2013: Eugénia Nogueira awarded with the Best Prize at Faraday Discussion 166: Self-Assembly of Biopolymers

11-09-2013: Franklim Nóbrega, doutorando do CEB em Bioengenharia, selecionado entre os melhores estudantes do mundo

02-09-2013: New spinoff of Minho University: BCTechnologies

19-06-2013: Bioengineering Systems in Portugal - an overview by Eugénio Ferreira

30-04-2013: Paper published in SCIENCE

21-12-2012: CEB promove festa solidária

12-12-2012: Joana Azeredo lidera Grupo de Biotecnologia de Bacteriófagos [PT]

12-12-2012: Spinoff premiada na 8ª edição do Concurso Nacional de Inovação BES [PT]

05-12-2012: CEB’s researcher awarded with an Advanced Grant of the European Research Council

01-12-2012: A cerveja artesanal dos doutores [PT]

01-11-2012: New book: Bacterial NanoCellulose: A Sophisticated Multifunctional Material

16-07-2012: Best poster award at the II International Conference on Viruses and Microbes

11-06-2012: CEB celebrates 1000 ISI papers

01-05-2012: Projeto desenvolvido pelo CEB e pela ION Lda. vence Prémio Nacional de Inovação Ambiental 2012

07-03-2012: Proteína do leite previne cancro da mama [pt]

01-03-2012: Article on cover of Metabolic Engineering, Volume 14, Issue 2, March 2012

05-02-2012: How Reliable is Real-Time PCR?

04-01-2012: José Teixeira distinguido com "Seeds of Science" em Engenharia e Tecnologias [pt]

07-12-2011: Projeto do CEB / IPC premiado na 7ª edição do concurso nacional de Inovação BES [pt]

01-12-2011: Best poster award at the MicroBiotec'11 - Congress of Microbiology and Biotechnology 2011 conference

06-11-2011: Daniel Machado wins "Best Poster Award" at the Workshop Systems and Synthetic Biology

27-10-2011: Investigadores do CEB premiados na Semana da Escola de Engenharia [pt]

31-12-2010: Biomode, a CEB's spinoff company, awarded with the Act COTEC initiative

20-12-2010: SilicoLife wins “Atreve-te 2010″ Entrepreneurship Award

12-10-2010: [Seafood Today] Principal effect of chitosan-based coatings on the shelf life of salmon (Salmo salar)

04-05-2010: Isabel Rocha distinguida com o "2009 MIT-Portugal Educational Innovation Award" [pt]

21-10-2009: BIOSYSTEMS researchers awarded at Meet MIT: A Student to Student Workshop on Entrepreneurship

22-09-2009: Daniela Mesquita received the Best Poster Award at the "ENGENHARIA09"

14-09-2009: Madalena Alves distinguished with Doctor Honoris Causa by Universitatea Tehnica "Gh. Asachi" Iasi, Romania

07-07-2009: Daniel Machado received the Best Poster Award at the 1st Annual MIT-Portugal Conference - Engineering for Better Jobs

19-05-2009: Two works of CEB researchers on Food Technology were among the five finalists for the 2009 George F. Stewart IFT International Research Paper Competition

01-03-2009: Isabel Rocha receives Dupont European University Support Program Award

24-04-2008: Biotecnol SA, Univ. do Minho and IPATIMUP, enter into a consortium for developing, producing and studying antibody-target Interactions and respective mechanisms of action in certain oncological conditions

30-01-2008: Nuno Azevedo receives the GlaxoSmithKline Award at Idea Spring event

24-11-2007: Manuel Mota é Membro Conselheiro da Ordem dos Engenheiros

02-10-2007: Livro "Reactores Biológicos - Fundamentos e Aplicações"

23-09-2007: BRIDGE Researchers awarded at 11th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion

12-07-2007: Teresa Tavares (DEB) e Isabel Neves (DQ) vencem ex-aequo o Prémio Nacional de Inovação Ambiental 2007

30-01-2007: José Teixeira contemplado pela FCT com o “Estímulo à Excelência”

06-12-2006: Prémio CUF 2005: Menção Honrosa para tese de Doutoramento de Lígia Rodrigues

01-12-2006: Two new species discovered by CEB researchers

19-06-2006: Visita ao CEB do Sua Exa. o Sr. Presidente da República

07-06-2006: Madalena Alves e colaboradores vencem Prémio Nacional de Inovação Ambiental 2006

05-12-2005: Projeto do CEB na área das Energias Renováveis entre os vencedores da 1ª edição do Concurso Nacional de Inovação BES [pt]

25-11-2004: Manuel Mota contemplado pela FCT com o “Estímulo à Excelência”

13-09-2004: Trabalho com fungos põe UM na vanguarda internacional

02-09-2004: Lettinga Award 2004 attributed to Madalena Alves

01-06-2004: António Luís Amaral wins first "CUF Prize" for Best Ph.D. Thesis

07-05-2004: Secretário de Estado visitou laboratórios de Engenharia Biológica - Governo recolhe na UM contributos para plano nacional

24-05-2001: Nelson Lima fala sobre os 15 anos de existência a Micoteca da Universidade do Minho

10-02-1997: Visita ao IBQF/CEB de Sua Exa. Sr. Presidente da República Dr. Jorge Sampaio