Biofilms7 international meeting awards prizes to CEB researchers

Diana Alves, Joana Castro and Natália Martins were awarded scientific prizes during the international cientific meeting Biofilms7.

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Three young researchers from the Biofilm group were awarded scientific awards during the international meeting Biofilms7, that occured during 26-28th of June, in Porto, Portugal.

Joana Castro was awarded the prize  "Biofilms7 – SPM Young Researcher Award" with her oral presentation of the work entitled "What happens to Gardnerella vaginalis when growing as a biofilm: a comparative transcriptomic analysis by RNA-seq".

Diana Alves was voted the 1st place on the "Best flash-presentation SPBT award", with her oral presentation of her poster entitled "Evaluation of potential resistance development by cells adhered to antimicrobial surfaces.

Natália Martins also saw her work recognized with an honorable mention for her poster entitled  "Contribution of plant-derived phenolic compounds to combat Candida species biofilms".