Meeting of Young Biotechnologists in Braga

"A world without frontiers" in debate The University of Minho will host between May 4 and 6, in Braga, the 2nd Biological Engineering Conference / 1st Meeting of Young Biotechnologists, under the theme "Managing a world without borders ..."
The initiative, promoted by the Nucleus of Studies of Biological Engineering (NEEB) and with chosen scenario in the Campus of Gualtar, counts on the participation of varied individuals from professors of that university and other personalities of the field of the alimentary and environmental engineering and of the branches connected to the biotechnology .

About 100 students, from Bragança, Aveiro and Instituto Superior Técnico of Lisbon, will attend the sessions, so the presence of U.M. Is limited to 150 entries. For this reason, the students promoting the action decided to introduce a video conference system.

The choice of the theme of the journeys is related to the current globalization in the application of Biotechnology in processes hitherto exclusive to other sciences, the increasing interdisciplinarity, the speed of circulation and sharing of information together with the impossibility of reaching full knowledge. The ethical and legal problems that arise, the creation of international working groups aimed at achieving the same goal also consist of a few points that have led university students to opt for that theme.

The idea of ​​the event is, according to the organization's statement, "to open up the horizons to the recent graduates with regard to the options of work and in strategies of relationship with the company, as well as to entice the students of the national biotechnological courses for their first In a "world without borders".

The meeting will begin at 3:00 p.m., time for the delivery of documentation, followed by the opening ceremony. Around 5.30 pm, the first debate entitled "Environmental Situation in the Northern Region" was held. António Brito, UM, Martins Soares, as well as the representatives of the Associação Industrial do Minho, Capa Pereira, the Association of Municipalities of the Cávado Valley, Helena Magalhães and the President of the Installation Commission of the General Inspection of the Environment, António Leones Dantas.

For the second day, around 9:00 a.m., the first panel, called "New quality control analysis techniques", is scheduled, and two hours later the project presentation will be carried out. In the afternoon, the progarama offers two more panels - "Environmental management systems / ISO, s" and "Biotechnology applied to Medicine and Biopharmaceutical

These panels are attended by representatives of the Portuguese Certification Association, Gabriela Pinheiro, Ricardo Jorge Institute, Isabel Campos Cunha, Portuguese Quality Institute, Ramos Pires, Sociedade Ponto Verde, SA, Manuel Pássaro, Indústria Têxtil do Ave, SA, Eugénio Oliveira, as well as the president of the Portuguese Association of Bio-Industries, Pedro de Noronha Pissara.

"Applications of Genetically Modified Organisms in Industry" is the theme of the second debate of the conference. Here the speakers are the representative of the Directorate General of the Environment, Jorge Nascimento Fernandes, the professors of the University of Minho, José Teixeira, Margarida Casal and Armando Venâncio.

On the 6th, the remaining panels and debates will take place. The fourth panel "Treatment of solid and hazardous waste" is scheduled for 9am, so at 11.10am the organization holds the third debate "Ethics, Bioethics, Legality".

The fifth panel "Licensed Enterprise-Young Person" begins at 3:00 p.m., followed by the sixth panel "Biotechnology: past, present and future" two hours later.