Professions Fair captivated students

The Psychology Department of the Carlos Amarante Secondary School, in Braga, organized an information and enlightenment session, called "Professions Fair", on school premises yesterday.

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The Fair, aimed at students, aimed to "bring together professionals and training entities who have made themselves available to provide clarifications about the profession they carry out, in order to clarify the students about the professional output they want."

With a room surrounded by professional "banquets" with psychologists, professors and professional representatives of courses at the University of Minho and Professional Schools in Braga, the students went through the place, full of curiosity, asking, among other things, the conditions of access to This or that course, the professional exits, the chairs, the averages necessary for the entrance; Finally, important questions when deciding the way forward.

The psychologist Graça Milhazes, responsible for the Psychology and Guidance Service of Carlos Amarante High School, told the Diário do Minho that this initiative "was a very good experience because it served for students to be informed of the various alternatives they have regarding options Professional career '.

"I think the students who came here went home certain of what they want in life," he added.

According to Graça Milhazes, "since the beginning of the year, the Carlos Ama- rante School has been making clarification sessions with the students and their parents, so that the choice made by the students is a conscious decision".

Equally pleased with the results was Pinto de Carvalho, president of the school's executive council, who recalled the importance of a successful choice: "It is important that the student leaves school perfectly clear about what he or she wants; And this was the function of the Trade Fair. "

Fair pleased the "exhibitors" and students

Everything indicates that the "Professions Fair" was to the satisfaction of both the training entities and the students who went to school, in search of clarification regarding the course they intend to follow.

On the part of the students, although many of them already had pre-defined ideas about what they want, the conversation with the psychologists and formative entities served mainly as confirmation of their choices.

This is the case of Susana Borges who, after a lecture with the representative of the Course of Applied Biology, had no doubts: "This is the course I want to take. I have always enjoyed research in the field of biology and with this fair I have really been assured of what I want, "he said.

Equally enlightened was André Mota: "I no longer doubt the course I intend. I want to take the course of Biological Engineering because it is a very attractive area and I think it has many professional opportunities »

The "Professions Fair" also served to promote some almost unknown courses, but with great acceptance in the Portuguese business environment, especially in the Minho region.

This is what happened to the representatives of the Production Engineering Course who, with a well-built "stand" and with leaflets and other promotional materials, were there showing the qualities and the vast professional exits that the degree allows.

Guilherme Pereira, course director, explained to DM what this engineering consists of.

"It is an engineering that focuses its attention on the optimization of productive processes (rationalization of the use of resources), regardless of technology; From small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises; And covers areas such as Organization and Production Management, Hygiene and Safety, Time and Methods, Quality, Project Evaluation and Management, Logistics, among other areas.

A course in which, according to Guilherme Pereira, so far, all the graduated students were placed and if there were more they would also have guaranteed employment.

The "Professions Fair" has shown that students have indeed been prepared for a conscious choice. Ana Raquel, already with her chosen choice, did not let herself be enthused by courses with job security.

"The choice of course has to do with our vocation and not with the job offer, because it is also bad to choose a course or a profession that you do not like just because it gives you a lot of money or guarantees the right job," he said.

Among the 13 "bancas" present, we highlight the Speech Therapy, Tourism, Professional School of Braga, Employment Center, Production Engineering, Biological Engineering, Applied Engineering, Amar Terra Verde, designer, among others.