Isabel Soares Silva



  • 2001: Especialização em Genética Molecular, Universidade do Minho
  • 2006: Doutoramento em Ciências Biológicas, Universidade do Minho
  • 2001: Licenciatura em Biologia Aplicada, Universidade do Minho
  • 2014 - 2015: Consolidating Research Expertise and Resources on Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology at CEB/IBB

Recent Publications

  • Quelhas-Santos, Janete; Serrão, Maria Paula; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Fernandes-Cerqueira, Cátia; Simões-Silva, Liliana; Pinho, Maria João; Remião, Fernando; Sampaio-Maia, Benedita; Desir, Gary V; Pestana, Manuel
Renalase regulates peripheral and central dopaminergic activities
  • American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology, 308(2), F84-F91, 2015
  • Quelhas-Santos, Janete; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Fernandes-Cerqueira, Cátia; Simões-Silva, Liliana; Ferreira, Inês; Carvalho, Catarina; Coentrão, Luís; Vaz, Raquel; Sampaio-Maia, Benedita; Pestana, Manuel
Plasma and urine renalase levels and activity during the recovery of renal function in kidney transplant recipients
  • Experimental Biology and Medicine, 239(4), 502-508, 2014
  • Simões-Silva, Liliana; Moreira-Rodrigues, Mónica; Quelhas-Santos, Janete; Fernandes-Cerqueira, Cátia; Pestana, Manuel; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Sampaio-Maia, Benedita
Intestinal and renal guanylin peptides system in hypertensive obese mice
  • Experimental Biology and Medicine, 238(1), 90-97, 2013
  • Quelhas-Santos, J.; Sampaio-Maia, B.; Simões-Silva, L.; Serrão, P.; Fernandes-Cerqueira, C.; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Pestana, M.
Sodium-dependent modulation of systemic and urinary renalase expression and activity in the rat remnant kidney
  • Journal of Hypertension, 31(3), 543-553, 2013
A substrate translocation trajectory in a cytoplasm-facing topological model of the monocarboxylate/H+ symporter Jen1p
  • Molecular Microbiology, 81(3), 805-817, 2011
Transport of carboxylic acids in yeasts
  • FEMS Microbiology Reviews, 32(6), 974-994, 2008
  • Oliveira, J.; Santos, R.; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Jorge, P.; Vieira, E.; Oliveira, M.E.; Moreira, A.; Coelho, T.; Ferreira, J.C.; Fonseca, M.J.; Barbosa, C.; Prats, J.; ML Aríztegui; ML Martins; T Moreno; K Heinimann; Barbot, C.; SI Pascual-Pascual; A Cabral; I Fineza; M Santos; Bronze-da-Rocha, E.
LAMA2 gene analysis in a cohort of 26 congenital muscular dystrophy patients
  • Clinical Genetics, 74(6), 502-512, 2008
  • Oliveira, Jorge; Soares-Silva, Isabel; Fokkema, I.; Gonçalves, A.; Cabral, Alexandra; Diogo, Luísa; Lucía Galán; António Guimarães; Isabel Fineza; Johan T. Dunnen; Rosário Santos
Novel synonymous substitution in POMGNT1 promotes exon skipping in a patient with congenital muscular dystrophy
  • Journal of Human Genetics, 53(6), 565-572, 2008
The conserved sequence NXX[S/T]HX[S/T]QDXXXT of the lactate/pyruvate:H+ symporter subfamily defines the function of the substrate translocation pathway
  • Molecular Membrane Biology, 24(5-6), 464-474, 2007
The disruption of JEN1 from Candida albicans impairs the transport of lactate
  • Molecular Membrane Biology, 21(6), 403-411, 2004
Functional expression of the lactate permease Jen1p of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in Pichia pastoris
  • Biochemical Journal, 376(3), 781-781, 2003
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