Tarsila Gabriel Castro


  • Since 2017: Novel Bio-inspired Cellular Nano-architectures (BioCell-NanoART)

Recent Publications

Catalytic activation of esterases by PEGylation for polyester synthesis
  • ChemCatChem, 11(10), 2490-2499, 2019
Electrostatics of tau protein by molecular dynamics
  • Biomolecules, 9(3), 116, 2019
The effect of high-energy environments on the structure of laccase-polymerized poly(catechol)
  • Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 48, 275-280, 2018
Two Engineered OBPs with opposite temperature-dependent affinities towards 1-aminoanthracene
  • Scientific Reports, 8(14844), 2018
OBP fused with cell-penetrating peptides promotes liposomal transduction
  • Colloids and Surfaces B- Biointerfaces, 161, 645-653, 2018
Modeling the secondary structures of the peptaibols antiamoebin I and zervamicin II modified with D-amino acids and proline analogues
  • Journal of Molecular Modeling, 23(11), 2017
  • Vilaca, Helena; Castro, Tarsila G.; Costa, Fernando M.G.; Melle-Franco, Manuel; Hilliou, Loic; Hamley, Ian W.; Castanheira, Elisabete M. S.; Martins, Jose A.; Ferreira, Paula M. T.
Self-assembled RGD dehydropeptide hydrogels for drug delivery applications
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 5, 8607-8617, 2017
  • Rui Filipe Araújo; Proença, Maria Fernanda; Carlos Jorge Silva; Castro, Tarsila G.; Manuel Melle-Franco; Maria Conceição Paiva; Silvia Villar-Rodil; Juan Manuel D. Tascón
Grafting of adipic anhydride to carbon nanotubes through a Diels-Alder cycloaddition/oxidation cascade reaction
  • Carbon, 98(Supplement C), 421-431, 2016
  • Vilaça, H.; Pereira, G.; Castro, Tarsila G.; Hermenegildo, B.F.; Shi, J.; Faria, T.Q.; Micaêlo, N.; Brito, R.M.M.; Xu, B.; Castanheira, E.M.S.; Martins, J.A.; Ferreira, P.M.T.
New self-assembled supramolecular hydrogels based on dehydropeptides
  • Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3(30), 6355-6367, 2015
Conformational and thermodynamic properties of non-canonical α,α-dialkyl glycines in the peptaibol alamethicin: Molecular dynamics studies
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118(33), 9861-9870, 2014
Modeling of peptaibol analogues incorporating nonpolar α,α- dialkyl glycines shows improved α-helical preorganization and spontaneous membrane permeation
  • Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118(3), 649-658, 2014
  • Castro, Tarsila G.; Regiane C.M.U. Araújo; Claudia F. Braga; Liana S. Silva; Arquimedes M. Pereira; Kelson C. Lopes; Antônio B. Carvalho; Elizete Ventura; Silmar A. do Monte; Otávio L. Santana; Mozart N. Ramos
Theoretical calculations of the substituent effect on molecular properties of the RCN?HF hydrogen-bonded complexes with R=NH2, CH3O, CH3, OH, SH, H, Cl, F, CF3, CN and NO2
  • Vibrational Spectroscopy, 49(2), 133-141, 2009
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