André Antunes



  • 2006: Tese de doutoramento em Bioquímica (Microbiologia) apresentada à Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia da Universidade de Coimbra, Universidade de Coimbra
  • 2012 - 2014: MIRRI - Microbial Resource Research Infrastructure

Recent Publications

Fueling the Bio-economy: European Culture Collections and Microbiology Education and Training
  • Trends in Microbiology, 24(2), 77-79, 2016
  • Oliver, P. Graham; Vestheim, H.; Antunes, A.; Kaartvedt, S.
Systematics, functional morphology and distribution of a bivalve (Apachecorbula muriatica gen. et sp. nov.) from the rim of the ‘Valdivia Deep’ brine pool in the Red Sea
  • Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 95(3), 523-535, 2015
  • Ngugi, D.K.; Blom, J.; Intikhab, A.; Rashid, M.; Ba-Alawi, W.; Zhang, G.; Hikmawan, T.; Guan, Y.; Antunes, André; Siam, R.; El Dorry, H.; Bajic, V.; Stingl, U.
Comparative genomics reveals adaptations of a halotolerant thaumarchaeon in the interfaces of brine pools in the Red Sea
  • ISME Journal, 9(2), 396-411, 2015
  • Ferreira, A.J.S.; Siam, R.; Setubal, J.C.; Moustafa, A.; Sayed, A.; Chambergo, F.S.; Dawe, A.S.; Ghazy, M.A.; Sharaf, H.; Ouf, A.; Alam, I.; Abdel-Haleem, A.M.; Lehvaslaiho, H.; Ramadan, E.; Antunes, A.; Stingl, U.; Archer, J.A.C.; Jankovic, B.R.; Sogin, M.; Bajic, V.B.; El-Dorry, H.
Core microbial functional activities in ocean environments revealed by global metagenomic profiling analyses
  • PLoS One, 9(6), 2014
Offer, demand, and needs in training and education: a study focusing on microbial culture collections within the MIRRI Consortium
  • New Biotechnology, 31(Supplement), S155-S155, 2014
  • Werner, Johannes; Ferrer, Manuel; Michel, Gurvan; Mann, Alexander J.; Huang, Sixing; Juarez, Silvia; Ciordia, Sergio; Albar, Juan P.; Alcaide, María; La Cono, Violetta; Yakimov, Michail M.; Antunes, A.; Taborda, Marco; da Costa, Milton S.; Hai, Tran; Glöckner, Frank Oliver; Golyshina, Olga V.; Golyshin, Peter N.; Teeling, Hanno; The MAMBA Consortium
Halorhabdus tiamatea: proteogenomics and glycosidase activity measurements identify the first cultivated euryarchaeon from a deep-sea anoxic brine lake as potential polysaccharide degrader
  • Environmental Microbiology, 16(8), 2525-2537, 2014
  • Alam, Intikhab; Antunes, A.; Kamau, Allan Anthony; Ba alawi, Wail; Kalkatawi, Manal; Stingl, Ulrich; Bajic, Vladimir B.
INDIGO – INtegrated Data Warehouse of MIcrobial GenOmes with Examples from the Red Sea Extremophiles
  • PLoS One, 8(12-e82210), 1-12, 2013
  • Siam, R. et al.; Mustafa, G.A.; Sharaf, H.; Moustafa, A.; Ramadan, A.R.; Antunes, André; Bajic, V.B.; Stingl, U.; Marsis, N.G.R.; Coolen, M.J.L.; Sogin, M.; Ferreira, A.J.S.; Dorry, H. El
Unique Prokaryotic Consortia in Geochemically Distinct Sediments from Red Sea Atlantis II and Discovery Deep Brine Pools
  • PLoS One, 7(8), 2012
Biogeography of pelagic bacterioplankton across an antagonistic temperature–salinity gradient in the Red Sea
  • Molecular Ecology, 21(2), 388-405, 2012
Genome sequence of Haloplasma contractile, an unusual contractile bacterium from a deep-sea anoxic brine lake
  • Journal of Bacteriology, 193(17), 4551-4552, 2011
Microbiology of the Red Sea (and other) deep-sea anoxic brine lakes
  • Environmental Microbiology Reports, 3(4), 416-433, 2011
  • Antunes, A.; Alam, Intikhab; Bajic, Vladimir B.; Stingl, Ulrich
Genome Sequence of Salinisphaera shabanensis, a Gammaproteobacterium from the Harsh, Variable Environment of the Brine-Seawater Interface of the Shaban Deep in the Red Sea
  • Journal of Bacteriology, 193(17), 4555-4556, 2011
  • Antunes, A.; Alam, Intikhab; Bajic, Vladimir B.; Stingl, Ulrich
Genome Sequence of Halorhabdus tiamatea, the First Archaeon Isolated from a Deep-Sea Anoxic Brine Lake
  • Journal of Bacteriology, 193(17), 4553-4554, 2011
  • Taborda, M.; Antunes, A.; Tiago, I.; Veríssimo, A.; Nobre, M.F.; Costa, M.S.
Description of Idiomarina insulisalsae sp. nov., isolated from the soil of a sea salt evaporation pond, proposal to transfer the species of the genus Pseudidiomarina to the genus Idiomarina and emended description of the genus Idiomarina
  • Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 32(6), 371-378, 2009
  • Antunes, A.; Rainey, F.A.; Wanner, G.; Taborda, M.; Paetzold, J.; Nobre, M.F.; Costa, M.S.; Huber, R.
A new lineage of halophilic, wall-less, contractile bacteria from a brine-filled deep of the Red Sea
  • Journal of Bacteriology, 190(10), 3580-3587, 2008
  • Antunes, A.; Taborda, Marco; Huber, R.; Moissl, C.; Nobre, M.F.; Costa, M.S.
Halorhabdus tiamatea sp nov., a non-pigmented, extremely halophilic archaeon from a deep-sea, hypersaline anoxic basin of the Red Sea, and emended description of the genus Halorhabdus
  • International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology, 58(1), 215-220, 2008
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