Cost Action 868

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Biotechnical Functionalization of Renewable Polymeric Materials
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Internacional / Public
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Domain Committee "Food and Agriculture"
Cost Action 868
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Renewable polymeric materials from agricultural origin such as proteins, polyesters, polysaccharides and lignin are currently under-utilised due to the high cost and difficulties in their processing (i.e. further functionalisation). This COST868 Action has demonstrated that novel highly sophisticated technologies can introduce new functionalities to the surface of polymer materials leading to smart products with applications in medicine, cosmetics, construction or technical textiles. Two approaches for the production of smart renewable materials were investigated in this COST Action. First, sophisticated surface modification techniques using enzymes to specifically form cross-linkages or novel functionalities to polymer surfaces were developed. Secondly, the production of recombinant functional/hybrid biopolymers was used to obtain smart renewable materials. Specific developments with market potential range from functional lignocellulose materials (antimicrobial MDF) to smart textiles, bioresponsive controlled release bandages for infected wound treatment or targeted drug delivery with folate functionalized biopolymer nano-capsules.