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Development of products containing microbial surfactants for surface cleaning and disinfection in the food industry
Project Type
Nacional / Public
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Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade
  • CEB: 127 081,00
  • Total: 198 565,00
Quimité Comércio e Indústria Química, S. A.
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This project aims at the use of microbial surfactants (hereinafter referred to as “biosurfactants”) to develop a range of formulated products and raw materials for other products incorporating surfactants. It is intended to select new microorganisms for the production of biosurfactants as well as improving existing microorganisms already described for its ability to produce those compounds, and to develop the respective production processes in order to obtain compounds with different characteristics and activities for use in formulations in the food industry and other household detergents. This set of biosurfactants will be subsequently used in various proportions to create new alternative formulations to those currently used in these industries. This project is expected to get a range of innovative products that have new features/differentiating activities compared to commercially available products. These new products will have a lower environmental impact and will be an economically viable alternative to chemical surfactants.