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Development of an integrated process to obtain high added-value compounds through valorisation of wastes from the egg-processing industry
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Nacional / Public
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Project nº 38885
  • CEB: 35 472,00
  • Total: 166 965,00
Universidade do Minho, Castro, Pinto & Costa, Lda, Derovo, S.A., Centro para a Valorização de Resíduos (CVR)
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The project OvoValor II consists in the follow-up and exploitation of the results obtained in the project "OvoValor - valorization of egg products waste through the recovery of compounds of high added value to use in biomedical and food industries", implemented under the Portuguese national program IDEIA - I&D Empresarial Aplicado. Thus, based on the results of the project OvoValor, which development reveals to be strategic to the project coordinator, the company CPC - Castro Pinto & Costa, Lda., pretends to optimize, test and develop, new techniques and products to recover the organic fraction of the byproducts cited above through the reclamation of several bioactive peptides derived from hydrolysis of different proteins that constitute these residues. These products are intended to be introduced in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets. However, aiming the progress and sustainability of this process, it is now expected to also include the valorization of the inorganic fraction through its application in innovative techniques for soil remediation, and possibly, its incorporation into food products contributing therefore to their enrichment. To achieve these goals, the consortium also includes the company Derovo - Egg Products, S.A., which aims to mitigate this participation charges for the routing of the waste generated in their units, two entities of the National System of Science and Technology - Biological Engineering Center of the University of Minho and CVR - Centre for Waste Recovery - and one Spanish partner, interested in the techniques of soil remediation - RVA - Resources and Environmental Valorization of the North.