Project Title
Development of tools for the description and classification of Brazilian propolis using metabolomics and data mining
Project Type
Internacional / Public
Funding Body
Funding Program
Programa FCT-CNPq
  • CEB: 9 000,00
  • Total: 59 000,00
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (Brasil), Universidade do Minho

Principal Investigator

Team Members - CEB


Propolis is a natural product with biological properties of interest to the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. anti-tumour). Its commercialization demands the chemical standardisation through the use of metabolomics and data processing using advanced computational techniques. This project combines the Bioinformatics skills of the U.Minho team, with the ability to collect samples of local propolis and to conduct nuclear magnetic resonance and metabolomics experiments of the UFSC team, aiming also to strengthen post graduate skills. The project will have as one of its main results the development of a flexible computational platform for metabolomics data processing that promotes the extraction of useful knowledge from these data. This platform, being applied in the project’s case study, will be easily extensible for other case studies in the analysis of similar data, available in the context of the research activities conducted by the UFSC team.