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Promoting Agri-food and Forestry Stakeholder Engagement for Knowledge Transfer and SMARTAgriFor partnerships
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Nacional / Public
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NORTE 46-201S l6 - Sistema de Apoio às Ações Coletivas "Transferência de Conhecimento Cientifico e Tecnológico - Teaming
  • CEB: 164 711,00
  • Total: 638 860,00
UTAD, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Universidade do Porto, Universidade do Minho
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SMARTAgriFor is a project funded by the European Commission under Horizon 2020, lasting for one year (ending May 2016) and involves three partners: the Foundation for the Science and Technology (FCT) in Portugal, which coordinates the project and collaborates with 10 third parties from the Portuguese Scientific and Technological System; the University of Wageningen and the DLO both in The Netherlands. SMARTAgriFor will define the vision, mission and strategy for the creation, under a disruptive concept, of an international Centre of Excellence in Agriculture and Forestry in Portugal. SMARTAgriFor’s strategy is to promote a highly interactive and innovative research programme, executed within an environment of mutual respect. The Centre focuses on achieving scientific excellence and generating impact at stakeholder and societal levels, with a focus on currently relevant and specifically-chosen research issues. The Centre defends excellent management to ensure that excellent and relevant research results are achieved and exchanged with stakeholders.