Project Title
Mobilizing scientific and technological knowledge in response to the challenges of the agri-food market
Project Type
Nacional / Public
Funding Body
Funding Program
POCI Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (SI I&DT) - Programas Mobilizadores
SI-47-2016-10 (024524)
  • CEB: 130 592,00
  • Total: 7 021 739,00
UMinho; Primor; A Poveira, S.A.; Fromageries Bel Portugal S.A.; Centauro Internacional; Matadouro Central de Entre Douro e Minho S.A.; Cerealis, S.A.; Decorgel, S.A.; Foodintech Lda.; Frulact, S.A.; ICM, S.A.; Inovamais S.A.; I.T.S. S.A.; Mendes Gonçalves, S.A.; Olano Lda.; Sebol S.A.; Sense Test Lda.; Sonae Center Serviços LI, S.A.; Sugal S.A.; Univeg Logistics, S.A.; Vitacress Portugal, S.A.; Vizelpas Lda.; BLC3 Evolution, Lda; CATAA; CIIMAR; UCP; UP; IBET; INL; Instituto Nacional de Saúde Dr. Ricardo Jorge, I.P.; IPB; IPC; IPCB; IPL; IPS; IPVC; IPV; UL; PIEP; Associação Integralar; UA; UBI; UC; UNL; UTAD

Principal Investigator


MobFood project is the result of an open debate carried out by several agents from the agribusiness that aims to find the right path to promote the competitiveness of the national food industry in an organized and integrated manner. It will be strategically undertaken with a close collaboration between scientific institutions and private companies grounded on economic growth measures based on R&D, innovation and technologies for new products, services and processes achievement with direct effects in all value chain. The principal aim is to make the sector totally sustainable, resilient, open, safer and with an effective utilization of resources being consumer-driven. The main goals will be attained through the implementation of the solution in three fundamental principles: “Food Safety and Sustainability”,” Food for Health and Well-being” and “Safe Food and Quality”, embodied in the research and development for several processes, products or services. The join-venture is composed by 47 entities that represent all Portuguese agribusiness, with participant companies from different agroindustry subsectors. R&D entities participants will bring the ability for a complete approach of the different areas of key knowledge for an acute development of the Portuguese food industry. The MobFood project is organized in 9 PPS: Emerging Technologies, Resources Valorization, Sustainable Packaging, Nutrition, Health and Well-being, Quality and Food Safety, Authenticity and Traceability of products, Logistics, Consumer and “Coordination, implementation, dissemination and exploitation of results”