Project Title
Development of innovative dietetic solutions for the pastry industry
Project Type
Nacional / Public
Funding Body
Funding Program
Programa Operacional do Norte
  • CEB: 97 753,00
  • Total: 130 338,00
Universidade do Minho

Principal Investigator


The main principle adopted by the Consortium when elaborating this project proposal is a strong orientation towards the consumers and markets, aiming at increasing the sales, mainly in the export markets, while also increasing the market share. Such principle is coherent with the definition of marketing innovation given by the most recent edition of the Oslo Manual by the OECD (2006). The growing concern of consumers with food preservation together with food safety and health is a drive for innovation. These challenges, posed by the consumers’ concerns and validated by the main international entities with respect to public health (e.g. problems such obesity, diabetes, among others), open an opportunity to develop and market (both in Portugal and abroad) a product such as the one to be developed: a custard cream, ready to use, low in calories, with no added sugar and with an organoleptic and functional profile which is similar to the traditional custard cream. This new product, however, will have a much larger shelf life at room temperature, both after production and prior to application (at least 12 months after having been produced) and after application in pastry and cakes (7 days). This also implies the development of a process to obtain this product, including the design, construction and implementation of an innovative packaging system. The interest of the project, however, goes beyond these short-term objectives once such product and system will be the bases for the establishment of a whole line of products/equipments to be marketed by the companies involved. The success of the project is therefore crucial for the companies’ strategy of market expansion. As far as it has been possible to know, there is no such product both in the national and in the international markets and the packaging system is also a novelty. Therefore, the companies involved intend to register patents resulting from the development of the project’s innovation activities.