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Essential oils, infusions, and silicon in crop protection. A study using tomato plants, as a model, to disclose the biopesticides induced defense mechanisms of plants, through an omics approach
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Nacional / Public
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02/SAICT/2017 - Projetos de Investigação Científica e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico (IC&DT)
  • CEB: 28 237,00
  • Total: 239 437,00
Univ Porto, Univ Açores, Univ Minho

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This project has as a main objectives to contribute for the conception of new biopesticides, based in essential oils (EO), hydroalcoholic extracts (HAE) of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant species (MAP) and silicon (Si) used as free or complexed with natural supports, including nano-/microcapsuled formulations as well as to contribute to fill the knowledge gaps on mechanisms of crop protection. The toxic activities of EO and HAE from selected MAP species of the twelve genera will be assayed envisaging their future applications in agriculture, and conservation of postharvest fresh produce. In order to get the highest efficacy, and envisaging new patented bio-active products, the bioassays approaches will exploit methods of complexation of natural bioactive compounds with natural supports, as delivery systems, involving nano-/microencapsulation. The plant defense mechanisms will be disclosed through an omics approach, using pest infested accessions of "Microtom" tomato crop, as a model.