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Development of innovative technologies for food processing
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Nacional / Public
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QREN - Sistema de Incentivos à I&DT: Projectos Mobilizadores
  • CEB: 222 610,00
  • Total: 1 385 709,00
FRULACT, Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Porto, Decorgel, Quinta dos Moinhos Novos, Quinta dos Ingleses, Pascoal e Filhos, Ernesto Morgado, Derovo, SenseTest, Integralar
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The agro-food sector has a significant weight in the national product, characterized by a high technological and qualitative demand, establishing itself as one of the most important in the European Union and being one of the sectors that support the creation of more SMEs and employment. In this context, this project - NOVELTEC - is seeking to provide companies with new technologies for their development, their sustainability, and the creation of new and innovative food products. Is one of the seven anchor projects of the “Pólo Agroindustrial INTEGRALAR”. The objectives of NOVELTEC are: - Provide companies in the agro-food sector, with scientific and technological processing skills of processing, for more competitive advantages at industrial level; - Provide an effective transfer of knowledge and valorisation of results, based on R&D in the promoting companies, adding technical, scientific and market value; - Consolidate the "agro-food" sector, by leveraging its growth strategy, sustainability and internationalization; - Allow companies and other industry sectors to meet the potential use of processing technologies used in NOVELTEC.