Project Title
Development of structured fat for use in meat products by replacement of animal fat
Project Type
Nacional / Public
Funding Body
Funding Program
IDT Co-promoção
  • CEB: 226 462,00
  • Total: 1 246 691,00
PORMINHO Alimentação, S.A.; INL; Universidade do Minho

Principal Investigator


BetterFat4Meat is a project that will allow the creation of new meat products with structured vegetable fat, thus allowing meat products with: 1) healthy lipid profiles and 2) lower saturated fat content.INL and UMinho will develop and characterize new formulations for the promoter, Porminho, to incorporate into two products, more specifically a salami and a new snack product for a children's audience.The project will bring benefits to all partners, and INL and UMinho can continue to be at the forefront of the development of structured vegetable fat for food applications and Porminho, the end user of the products, have competitive advantages over competitors, with the development of two products that do not exist in the market. national and international market.