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Ochratoxin A removal during the main steps of wine making

  • Actas do 7º Encontro de Química dos Alimentos. Vol. 2005, Viseu, Portugal, 13-16 Abril, 1-5, 2005. ISBN: 9729908052

Publisher: Instituto Superior Politécnico de Viseu


A few years ago, the presence of ochratoxin A (OTA) was reported for the first time in wine. Grape juice is usually more contaminated than wines, and red grape products are more contaminated than white ones. This knowledge has led researchers to conclude that grape processing could contribute to a reduction in the content of this mycotoxin in grape products, such as the case of wines. This study presents the effect of the more common vinification steps on the fate of the mycotoxin during wine making. Grapes with a content of OTA ranging from 0.43 to 7.48 μg/Kg were used for vinification. Thes ...

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