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Degradation of ochratoxin A by proteases and by a crude enzyme of Aspergillus niger

  • Food Biotechnology, 20(3), 231-242, 2006

Publisher: Marcel Dekker Inc.


Ochratoxin A is a mycotoxin present in food commodities as cereals, wine, coffee, figs, dried vine fruits or beer and in feeds for animals. The enhancement of its conversion into ochratoxin a is considered to be a way to reduce its presence in the body and, therefore, its toxicity. In this paper we report the ability of several commercial proteases to hydrolyze ochratoxin A into ochratoxin a in different amounts. After an incubation period of 25 h., a significant hydrolytic activity at pH 7.5 for Protease A (87.3%), and for Pancreatin (43.4%) was detected. At pH 3.0, a weak hydrolytic act ...

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