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Quantitative image analysis as a diagnostic tool for identifying structural changes during a revival process of anaerobic granular sludge

  • Water Research, 41(7), 1473-1480, 2007

Publisher: Elsevier


Due to unspecified operational problems, the specific acetoclastic activity (SAA) of the anaerobic granular sludge present in an industrial UASB reactor was considerably damaged (from 250 to less than 10mL CH4@STP/gVSS.d), significantly reducing the biogas production of that industrial unit. The hydrogenotrophic methanogenic activity exhibited a value of 600mL CH4@STP/gVSS.d, the settling velocity was 31.479.8 m/h, the average equivalent diameter was 0.9270.43mm, and about 70% of the VSS were structured in aggregates larger than 1mm. In order to study the recovery of the SAA, this sludge wa ...

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