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Strategies for selecting hydrogen producing microorganisms affect micro and macro struture of granular sludge

  • ISME13 - 13th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology. No. PS.06.001, Seattle WA, USA, Aug 22-27, 2010


Mixed-culture dark fermentation is an environmentally friendly bio-hydrogen production process. In this work we study the potential for directing microbial anaerobic mixed communities towards improved hydrogen production. Strategies applied for promoting the selection of hydrogen-producing bacteria in anaerobic granular sludge consisted of heat treatment and chemical treatment with 2-bromo-ethane sulfonate (BES) and with BES+Chloroform. Three expanded granular sludge bed reactors, RHeat, RBES and RBES+Chlo, where inoculated with the treated sludges and fed with synthetic sugar-based wastewater ...

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