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In vitro antifungal effect of EDTA disodium salt in tested black aspergilli

  • Asian Journal of Biochemistry, 3(3), 178-181, 2008

Publisher: Academic Journals Inc.


The antifungal effect of Na2EDTA on an Aspergillus carbonarius, an A. ibericus, an ochratoxigenic A. niger and a non-ochratoxigenic A. niger strain was studied. Also, the effect of Na2EDTA on the production of ochratoxin A by A. carbonarius and the ochratoxigenic A. niger was evaluated. The poisoned food technique was used with CYA medium supplemented with 0, 1 and 10 mmol L-1 of Na2EDTA. The colony diameters were recorded daily and the amount of ochratoxin A produced was quantified every two days. Significant reductions of growth rates were observed in the presence of Na2EDTA being the calcul ...

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