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Inoculum type response to different pHs on bio-hydrogen production from L-arabinose a component of hemicellulosic biopolymers

  • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34(4), 1744-1751, 2009

Publisher: Elsevier


Biohydrogen production from arabinose was examined using four different anaerobic sludges with different pHs ranging from 4.5 to 8.0. Arabinose (30 g l−1) was used as the substrate for all experiments. Individual cumulative hydrogen production data was used to estimate the three parameters of the modified Gompertz equation. Higher hydrogen production potentials were observed for higher pH values for all the sludges. G2 (acclimated granular sludge) showed the highest hydrogen production potential and percentage of arabinose consumption compared to the other sludges tested. Granular sludges (G1 ...

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