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Engineered heat treated methanogenic granules: a promising biotechnological approach for extreme thermophilic biohydrogen production

  • Bioresource Technology, 101(24), 9577-9586, 2010

Publisher: Elsevier


In the present study, two granular systems were compared in terms of hydrogen production rate, stability and bacterial diversity under extreme thermophilic conditions (70ºC). Two EGSB reactors were individually inoculated with heat treated methanogenic granules (HTG) and HTG amended with enrichment culture with high capacity of hydrogen production (engineered heat treated methanogenic granules - EHTG), respectively. The reactor inoculated with EHTG (REHTG) attained a maximum production rate of 2.7 l H2 l-1d-1 in steady state. In comparison, the RHTG containing the HTG granules was very unstabl ...

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