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Mature landfill leachate treatment by denitrification and ozonation

  • Process Biochemistry, 46(1), 148-153, 2011

Publisher: Elsevier


The removal of nitrate from a mature landfill leachate with high nitrate load in a lab-scale anoxic rotating biological contactor (RBC) was studied. Under a phosphorus-phosphate concentration of 10 mg P-PO43-·L−1 and nitrogen-nitrate concentrations above 530 mg N-NO3-·L−1 the reactor achieved nitrogen-nitrate removal efficiencies close to 100%, without nitrite or nitrous oxide accumulation. Although the reactor presented a very good denitrification performance, the effluent carbon concentration was still above the legal discharge value. In order to increase the biodegradability of the leachat ...

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