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Boosting dark fermentation with co-cultures of extreme thermophiles for biohythane production from garden waste

  • Bioresource Technology, 219, 132-138, 2016

Publisher: Elsevier


Proof of principle of biohythane and potential energy production from garden waste (GW) is demonstrated in this study in a two-step process coupling dark fermentation and anaerobic digestion. The synergistic effect of using co-cultures of extreme thermophiles to intensify biohydrogen dark fermentation is demonstrated using xylose, cellobiose and GW. Co-culture of Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus and Thermotoga maritima showed higher hydrogen production yields from xylose (2.7±0.1 mol mol -1 total sugar) and cellobiose (4.8±0.3 mol mol-1 total sugar) compared to individual cultures. Co-cult ...

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