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Platform design for extraction and isolation of Bromelain: Complex formation and precipitation with carrageenan

  • Campos, Débora A.; Valetti, Nadia Woitovich; Oliveira, Ana; Pastrana-Castro, Lorenzo M.; Teixeira, José A.; Pintado, Maria Manuela; Guillermo Picó
  • Process Biochemistry, 54, 156-161, 2017

Publisher: Elsevier


The main objective of this work was to investigate for the first time the molecular mechanism of complex formation between bromelain (a positively charged enzyme) and carrageenan (a natural strong polyelectrolyte, negatively charged) using spectroscopy techniques and thermodynamic approaches. The Bromelain-Carrageenan complex showed a maximal non-solubility at pH around 5.1. The solubility was dependent on pH and ionic strength of the medium. To re-dissolve the formed complex, the pH was changed and 500 mM of NaCl was added to the initial solution, proving the columbic mechanism for the format ...

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