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Development of a novel user-friendly platform to couple light regime characterization with particle tracking - cells' light history determination during phototrophic cultivations

  • Algal Research - Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts, 24, Part A, 276-283, 2017

Publisher: Elsevier BV


Depending on the light regime inside the photobioreactor (PBR) and the flow pattern verified, cells experience different histories with respect to the light regimes they are exposed to, wavelengths of light absorbed and period of time spent under each specific condition. The high heterogeneity of the radiation field inside the PBR – due to absorption and scattering of radiation by microalgae/cyanobacteria cells - and the fluctuating cells' light history (CLH), greatly influence photosynthetic conversion and ultimately biomass productivity. This work presents a relatively low-cost, simple, expe ...

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