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Integral valorization of vine pruning residue by sequential autohydrolysis stages

  • Journal of Cleaner Production, 168, 74-86, 2017

Publisher: Elsevier


Wine processing generates a large amount of residue, in particular pruning residue of vine. In this work, autohydrolysis in two sequential stages was proposed for the integral valorization of this residue. In a first stage, vine pruning residue was submitted to autohydrolysis treatment at 180 °C for 60 min (severity of 4.13) and liquid to solid ratio of 6 g water per g vine pruning residue. In these conditions, 63.7% of xylan was recovered in the liquid phase as xylooligosaccharides (17 g/L) and 2.35 g/L of phenolic compounds with antioxidant activity were also extracted. Autohydrolyzed vine p ...

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