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Pilot-scale sorption studies of diethylketone in the presence of Cd2+ and Ni2+

  • Environmental Technology, (In Press), 2018

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


The pH effect on the sorption capacity of vermiculite towards cadmium and nickel was tested in batch systems and it was shown that the sorption percentages increase with increasing the mass of vermiculite and with increasing the initial pH. Maximum sorption percentages were obtained for a pH of 8 and 4 g of vermiculite (86.5 % for Cd2+ and 86.1 % for Ni2+, for solutions with 100 mg/L of metal). As a consequence, it was possible to establish a range of optimal pH for biosorption processes, by combining the so determined optimal sorption pH of vermiculite with the optimal growth pH of S. equisim ...

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