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A lytic Providencia rettgeri virus of potential therapeutic value is a deep-branching member of the T5virus genus

  • Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 83(23), e01567-17, 2017

Publisher: American Society for Microbiology


Providencia rettgeri is emerging as a new opportunistic pathogen with high antibiotic resistance. The need to find alternative methods to control antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the recent advances in phage therapy motivate the search for new phages able to infect Providencia spp. This study describes the isolation and characterization of an obligatory lytic phage, vB_PreS_PR1 (PR1), with therapeutic potential against drug-resistant P. rettgeri. PR1 is a siphovirus. Its virion DNA size (118,537 bp), transcriptional organization, terminal repeats (10,461 bp), and nicks in the 3′-to-5′ strand ...

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