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Development of a Database and web tool for the in silico characterization of plasmid data

  • Santos, Catarina Freitas de Sousa [Supervisors: Rocha, Miguel; Oliveira, Cláudia Sofia Soares de]
  • Mestrado em Bioinformática, 2017


Bacterial plasmids are mobile genetic structures capable of conferring selective advantages to their hosts, such as resistance to antibiotics, virulence genes and tolerance to pollutants. By associating with other genetic elements, like integrons and transposons, plasmids provide a platform for genetic recombination and for gene transfer between different bacterial species, allowing them to colonize multiple environments and guaranteeing their persistence. Although there are over 4000 complete plasmid sequences available in GenBank, most have absent or non-standardized (disorganized) informati ...

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