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HLA Binding Intelligence (HABIT) An integrated web-server for generation and advanced interpretation of peptide-HLA binding predictions

  • Martins, Joana dos Santos [Supervisors: Osório, Nuno Miguel Sampaio; Rocha, Miguel]
  • Mestrado em Bioinformática, 2017


Human T cells are essential in the control of pathogen infections, cancer and autoimmune diseases. Immune responses mediated by T cells are aimed at specific peptides, designated T cell epitopes, that are recognized when bound to Human leukocyte antigen (HLA) molecules. The HLA genes are remarkably polymorphic in the human population driving a broad and fine-tuned capacity of their encoded proteins to bind a wide array of peptide sequences. Amino acid variants in epitopes might impact the HLA-peptide interaction and consequently the level and type of generated T cell responses. Having the tool ...

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