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Development and optimization of biodegradable fish gelatin composite film added with buriti oil

  • Silva, Natácia da Silva e; Pino Hernández, Enrique; Araújo, Cleidiane S.; Joel, Maria Regina S.P.; Lourenço, Lúcia F.H.
  • CyTA-Journal of Food, 16(1), 340-349, 2018

Publisher: Taylor & Francis


The goal of the present study was to determine, through full 23 factorial design, the optimum process conditions to develop a biodegradable film, made from gelatin with buriti oil (BO) as additive, characterizing their physical, mechanical, and antioxidant aspects. The conditions for the optimization were 2.3% of fish gelatin, 30% of BO, and 13.18% of plasticizer. The films produced under this condition presented high antioxidant activity (24.77 µmol de TE/g), mechanical resistance (8.04 MPa), and satisfactory water vapor permeability (WVP; 0.38 × 10−10 g.m. m−2. s−1. Pa−1). The film presented ...

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