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Valorization of pineapple waste for the extraction of bioactive compounds and glycosides using autohydrolysis

  • Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 47, 38-45, 2018

Publisher: Elsevier


Autohydrolysis process, an alternative technology that uses only water as extraction solvent, was evaluated for the extraction of glycosides and polyphenols from pineapple waste. A Box-Behnken design was carried out using different temperatures (150–200 °C), solid-liquid ratio (1:40–1:10 w/v) and reaction time (15–45 min). The best condition for the production of glucose (27.6 g/L) and fructose (33.8 g/L) was 150 °C, 30 min and 1:10 w/v while the highest amount of extracted total polyphenols (1.75 g/L) was obtained at 200 °C, 30 min and 1:10 w/v solid-liquid ratio. In all treatments were detec ...

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