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Synergistic interactions between lecithin and fruit wax in oleogel formation

  • Okuro, Paula K.; Tavernier, Iris; Bin Sintang, Mohd D.; Skirtach, Andre G.; Vicente, António A.; Dewettinck, Koen; Cunha, Rosiane L.
  • Food and Function, 9(3), 1755-1767, 2018

Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry


In this study, the effect of lecithin (LEC) on the crystallization and gelation of fruit wax (FW) with sunflower oil was researched. A synergistic effect on the gel strength was observed at FW : LEC ratios of 75 : 25 and 50 : 50, compared to the corresponding single component formulations (100 : 0 and 0 : 100). Even below the critical gelling concentration (Cg) of FW, the addition of lecithin enabled gel formation. Lecithin affected the thermal behavior of the structure by delaying both crystallization and gel formation. The phospholipid acted as a crystal habit modifier changing the microstru ...

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