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(Bio)electrochemical ammonia recovery: progress and perspectives

  • Kuntke, P.; Sleutels, T. H. J. A. ; Rodríguez Arredondo, M.; Georg, S.; Barbosa, Sónia G.; Ter Heijne, A.; Hamelers, H.V.M. ; Buisman, Cees
  • Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 102(9), 3865-3878, 2018

Publisher: Springer Nature


In recent years, (bio)electrochemical systems (B)ES have emerged as an energy efficient alternative for the recovery of TAN (total ammonia nitrogen, including ammonia and ammonium) from wastewater. In these systems, TAN is removed or concentrated from the wastewater under the influence of an electrical current and transported to the cathode. Subsequently, it can be removed or recovered through stripping, chemisorption, or forward osmosis. A crucial parameter that determines the energy required to recover TAN is the load ratio: the ratio between TAN loading and applied current. For electrochemi ...

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