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Nanocellulose as a natural source for groundbreaking applications in materials science: Today’s state

  • Klemm, Dieter; Cranston, Emily D.; Fischer, Dagmar; Gama, Miguel; Kedzior, Stephanie A.; Kralisch, Dana; Kramer, Friederike; Kondo, Tetsuo; Lindström, Tom; Nietzsche, Sandor; Petzold-Welcke, Katrin; Rauchfuß, Falk
  • Materials Today, 21(7), 720-748, 2018

Publisher: Elsevier


Nanocelluloses are natural materials with at least one dimension in the nano-scale. They combine important cellulose properties with the features of nanomaterials and open new horizons for materials science and its applications. The field of nanocellulose materials is subdivided into three domains: biotechnologically produced bacterial nanocellulose hydrogels, mechanically delaminated cellulose nanofibers, and hydrolytically extracted cellulose nanocrystals. This review article describes today’s state regarding the production, structural details, physicochemical properties, and innovative appl ...

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