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Biotechnological applications of bacteriophages: State of the art

  • Harada, Liliam K.; Silva, Erica C.; Campos, Welida F.; Del Fiol, Fernando S.; Vila, Marta; Dabrowska, Krystyna; Krylov, Victor N.; Balcão, Victor M.
  • Microbiological Research, 212-213, 38-58, 2018

Publisher: Elsevier


Bacteriophage particles are the most abundant biological entities on our planet, infecting specific bacterial hosts in every known environment and being major drivers of bacterial adaptive evolution. The study of bacteriophage particles potentially sheds light on the development of new biotechnology products. Bacteriophage therapy, although not new, makes use of strictly lytic phage particles as an alternative in the antimicrobial treatment of resistant bacterial infections and is being rediscovered as a safe method due to the fact that these biological entities devoid of any metabolic machine ...

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