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Oxidation of volatile organic compounds by highly efficient metal zeolite catalysts

  • ChemCatChem, 10(17), 3754-3760, 2018

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


The presence of two metals (M1M2) in a zeolite structure enhances the degradation of pollutants in liquid or gas phase comparing to monometallic catalysts. In this work, the complete oxidation of ethyl acetate into CO2 was achieved by metal catalysts based on NaY zeolite prepared by the ion-exchange method. The metal zeolite catalysts were optimized by used several parameters: (i) the presence of a second metal in M1M2 catalysts; (ii) the presence or not of a noble metal in the pair CuM2 (M2=Pd, Zn or Ag); (iii) the order of introduction of the metals in M1M2 catalysts (CuPd or PdCu); (iv) par ...

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