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Valorisation of mango peels: extraction of pectin and antioxidant and antifungal polyphenols

  • Waste and Biomass Valorization, (In Press), 2019

Publisher: Springer Verlag


Mango peels is a by-product obtained during mango processing, which is currently discarded causing environmental pollution. In the present study, mango peels were used as source of polyphenols and pectin. Additionally, antioxidant and antifungal activities were measured. The extraction condition to recover pectin and polyphenols at the same time was using water, 121 °C/10 min at 1:40 w/v ratio (9.38 g/100 g dry peels and 72.61 mg/g dry peels, respectively). With this treatment, higher antioxidant capacity was obtained (72.18, 37.73 and 39.23 ppm of total polyphenols from mango peels to inhibit ...

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