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Enhanced mechanical and thermal strength in mixed enantiomers based supramolecular gel

  • Langmuir, 34(43), 12957-12967, 2018

Publisher: American Chemical Society


Mixing supramolecular gels based on enantiomers leads to re-arrangement of gel fibers at the molecular level, which results in more favorable packing and tuneable properties. Bis(urea) compounds tagged with a phenylalanine methyl ester in racemic and enantiopure forms were syn-thesized. Both enantiopure and racemate compounds formed gels in a wide range of solvents and the racemate (1-rac) formed a stronger gel network compared to the enantiomers. The gel (1R+1S) obtained by mixing equimolar amount of enantiomers (1R and 1S) showed enhanced mechanical and thermal stability compared to enantiom ...

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