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Two Engineered OBPs with opposite temperature-dependent affinities towards 1-aminoanthracene

  • Scientific Reports, 8(14844), 2018

Publisher: Nature Group


Engineered odorant-binding proteins (OBPs) display tunable binding affinities triggered by temperature alterations. We designed and produced two engineered proteins based on OBP-I sequence: truncated OBP (tOBP) and OBP::GQ20::SP-DS3. The binding affinity of 1-aminoanthracene (1-AMA) to these proteins revealed that tOBP presents higher affinity at 25 °C (kd = 0.45 μM) than at 37 °C (kd = 1.72 μM). OBP::GQ20::SP-DS3 showed an opposite behavior, revealing higher affinity at 37 °C (kd = 0.58 μM) than at 25 °C (kd = 1.17 μM). We set-up a system containing both proteins to evaluate their temperature ...

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