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In vitro genotoxicity assessment of an oxidized dextrin-based hydrogel for biomedical applications

  • Journal of Applied Toxicology, 39(4), 639-649, 2019

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell


Hydrogels are three‐dimensional, crosslinked networks of hydrophilic polymers swollen with a large amount of water or biological fluids, without dissolving. Dextrin, a low‐molecular‐weight carbohydrate composed by glucose residues, has been used to develop an injectable hydrogel for biomedical applications. Dextrin was first oxidized to introduce aldehyde groups, which then reticulate with adipic acid dihydrazide, forming the dextrin‐based hydrogel (HG). The HG and its components were tested for cyto‐ and genotoxicity according to the International Standard ISO 10993‐3 on the biological evalua ...

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